WhoaStork – The World’s First Machine Learning Driven Cannabis Marketplace

Los Angeles, CA — If the above commercial is any indication it’s definitely a different world in 2016. The ad almost looks like a branded Nike or Amazon ad but with people smoking pot. Even better, the ad is for an online cannabis ordering platform called WoahStork. The company is essentially an “uber” or “airbnb” for marijuana as they own no production means or dispensaries themselves. Their business model is connecting customers with the best prices and strains in their given area.

The cannabis industry has been difficult to navigate over the past few years due to the differences in state and federal regulations. As the public opinion continues to trend towards complete legalization it’s great to see companies with the courage to get into the space. WoahStork’s platform is interesting due to the advanced technology behind their “Strain Genie” recommendation engine. It is founder Nicco Reggente’s incorporation of machine learning that separates the company from the recent pack of cannabis driven start-ups.

As they use WhoaStork, customers earn points, called “Woahs.” These points can be redeemed later to take advantage of discounts and other promotions. The system is also HIPAA compliant and uses state of the art PCI-III encryption on dedicated medical servers to protect patients’ privacy.

(source: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/2830892)


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