Marijuana Edibles the Next Multi-Billion Dollar Industry?

get-baked-sale-sfWhile Marijuana is still only legal in a few states recreationally and for medical use in a few more there is already a thriving industry growing around it. Business Insider recently covered the “Get Baked Sale” Attendees at the fair had to present a state-authorized medical marijuana identification card at the door and pay $20 in order to enter.

The atmosphere was similar to any typical food festival or food truck event. Vendors of all types sell their wares and attempt to draw in prospective customers via free gifts and other gimmicks.

Marijuana Edibles have grown to be more than just your typical pot brownies or cookies. The trend toward legalization has spawned a massive catalog of cannabis infused foods. Everything from ice cream to chili to fortune cookies could be found at the Get Baked Sale.

Consuming marijuana in an edible form has a different effect than smoking it does. THC is transformed by the liver into a “different drug twice as strong that lasts twice as long as when inhaledaccordingto Xeni Jardin at BoingBoing.

While smoking marijuana causes peak blood levels to happen within 3 – 10 minutes eating it takes much longer. Approximately 1 – 3 hours according to Kari Franson a respected clinical pharmacologist at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy. Because it takes the body so long to process, a lot of people take a dose much to high for their tolerance level. As a result Edibles have posed the biggest danger in the path towards legalization.

The best thing to do is to educate people about how to eat responsibly. Kim Geraghty, cofounder of the company “Madam Munchie” had this to say: “The good thing about weed is that it can’t kill you – but it can make you very uncomfortable.” Knowing your limitations and the amount of time it can take your body to process edibles will help you avoid discomfort.

Marijuana Edibles are well on their way to becoming a multimillion-dollar food industry in the northwest over the next few years. Manufacturers like Geraghty, who left a career in finance in order to launch her brand “Madame Munchie”, believe that exercising best practices, like product-testing and labeling, will help aid the process and separate them from the pack.

There are all sorts of customized delivery services popping up. So Ronald Falcioni and Emily Thrope created The Guild, a subscription-based cannabis delivery service.

The Guild is the marijuana industry’s version of something like Birchbox or KiwiCrate. The Guild curates the highest-quality edibles, concentrates, and cannabidiols and packages them in unique combinations at different price points. Customers either subscribe for weekly or monthly deliveries, and can customize their box however they’d like.

San Francisco’s “Get Baked Sale” is only the beginning of a rapidly growing culture & thriving industry for marijuana edibles.


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