Guns N’ Roses Reunite at The Troubadour in West Los Angeles

When a lot of people first saw the news they thought it was some kind of sick April Fools joke… it was not. Guns N’ Roses official “Not in this lifetime” tour just had it’s pre-season kickoff.

Unfortunately I didn’t make the list for tickets. Only about 200 lucky folks did the other 50 were special guests… (People like Andrew Dice Clay & Lenny Kravitz). 

According to LA Weekly, a lot of GnR fans already knew the show was happening at the Troubadour and leaked fake reports that they would be playing the Hollywood Palladium in order to misdirect people. It wasn’t until around 8 p.m. on Thursday night, that local Classic Rock station KLOS-FM began to tell fans that the show would be on the Sunset Strip. KLOS leaked this news and reportedly GNR’s management was angry as the news was not due to be released until the following morning.

As KLOS reported, Team GNR was at work inside old Towers Records (now a Gibson showroom), which was being transformed into a makeshift GNR Rock Hall exhibit, a possible weeklong event leading into Coachella (this isn’t confirmed), where the band’s fans can tour a gloriously ’80s-esque club in which everything from the classic GNR pinball machine to half-naked strippers seems to glow in the manufactured fog and red lights. The experience was something special for GNR fans, and everyone was invited inside (not just wristband holders).

By 4 a.m. Friday, approx 100 people were already waiting in line at the old Tower Records building. By 9 a.m. there were over 300 fans waiting to get tickets to the first GNR reunion show in 23 years. The word was the show would be at the Troubadour, the place Axl & the boys played their first show on June 6, 1985. Guns N’ Roses PR Team confirmed everything around 10am.

Some of people waited for 11 hours to ensure they received wristbands. Only the first 180 people in line received a wristband. The rest, about 200 to 300 people, were turned away.

Here is the little bit of fan footage that made it out of the event, enjoy!!

Set List
Guns N’ Roses
Friday, April 1st 2016

1. “It’s So Easy”
2. “Mr. Brownstone”
3. “Chinese Democracy”
4. “Welcome to The Jungle”
5. “Double Talkin’ Jive”
6. “Live and Let Die” (Paul McCartney)
7. “Rocket Queen”
8. “You Could Be Mine”
9. The Godfather theme
10. “Sweet Child O’ Mine”
11. “New Rose” (The Damned)
12. “Better”
13. “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” (Bob Dylan)
14. “My Michelle”
15. “Nightrain”

16. “The Seeker” (The Who)
17. “Paradise City”


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